beautiful girls turn heads ME&MY GIRLS BREAK NECKS

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HAPPY ❤️ Yeeeeees #throwback  HAHA Miss my long hair though :(
Day 3 with @mickeyjuliana HAHA 💪💦
Boredom strikes again… HAHAHA still stuck at the 4096 tile :( 😂
Dinner at Slappy cakes, SM Aura with the Padilla’s! #makeyourownpancakes  (at Slappy Cakes)
The 8192 tile next!!! HAHA ❤️
My babies ready for bed :)) HAHA #teddybear
Yakult drinking party tonight <3 #HappyTummy ❤️
Workout with roomie :)) HAHA #Healthy daw :)) 😂 @mickeyjuliana  (at Pacific Grand Tower)
Holding hands with my boyfriend… HAHA 💋❤️ #philip
Super full… :))) HAHA #yum