beautiful girls turn heads ME&MY GIRLS BREAK NECKS

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TO THE PRETTIEST AND SEXIEST MOM EVER! TO MY LOOK A LIKE AND TO MY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOMMY ELMA! We hope you enjoyed your breakfast, video, movie, shopping, and dinner :) You’re the best Mom anyone could ever ask for ❤️ I love you so much mommy!! And thank you for everything you have given me and for supporting me in anything. I LOVE YOUUUUU @elmatobesleonardo 💋😍❤️👭👯💃
Pistachios and Almonds keeping me company… Haha happy tummy!! yum yum ❤️ 😍😛😷🌰
Matching mani-pedi’s & Starbucks date with roomie!!! @mickeyjuliana 💅☕️
HAPPY ❤️ Yeeeeees #throwback  HAHA Miss my long hair though :(
Day 3 with @mickeyjuliana HAHA 💪💦
Boredom strikes again… HAHAHA still stuck at the 4096 tile :( 😂
Dinner at Slappy cakes, SM Aura with the Padilla’s! #makeyourownpancakes  (at Slappy Cakes)
The 8192 tile next!!! HAHA ❤️
My babies ready for bed :)) HAHA #teddybear
Yakult drinking party tonight <3 #HappyTummy ❤️